Past Achievements:


AlpGiri was incorporated in the year 2010 and became aggressive since 2014. The goal of the Company is to serve the farmers through innovative technology by providing the value-added high-quality seed.

The Company has spread its operations in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Telangana, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh with more than 73 hybrids/varieties in 35 crops.

Company is marketing its product of various crops through well knit system of marketing i.e., 42 staff of marketing, 500 distributors and 2200 dealers channel in India.

Company is focusing mainly on crops like Cotton, Corn, Pearl Millet and Vegetable crops. The Company has several collaborations with institutes in South East Asia, SAU's and Israel for germplasm exchange and testing.

Company has developed three hybrids in Okra (olive), Water melon (ice queen) and Ridge Gourd (Raja) which were evaluated for yield and desirable traits at various SAU’s locations in Maharashtra State in 2018-19 and said hybrids has the yield increment over best ruling government/private hybrids.

While another 11 hybrids/varieties of different crops as Maize, Pearl millet, Bitter gourd, Water melon, Okra, Bottle guard, Cluster bean, Black gram & Green gram were evaluated for yield and desirable traits at various locations of SAU’s in Maharashtra State in 2019-20 and all our hybrids achieved yield increments over one of the best ruling government/private hybrids/ varieties. While 3 entries of cotton as AGCH-101, AGCH-102 & AGCH-103 were evaluated for yield and desirable traits at SAU’s Anand locations in Gujarat State in 2019-20.

AlpGiri Seeds has also started their journey on second vision of feed technology i.e., nutrition business by tie up for marketing with world class reputed company Cytozyme lab Inc. USA to serve better to their customers of high input cost crops.

Current Strength:

An AlpGiri seed is engaged in multidisciplinary crop improvement research programs. The R&D team includes plant breeder, entomologist, agronomist, and biotechnologist. AlpGiri human capital is qualified, dedicated and experienced. More than 7 research scientist work to deliver high yielding hybrids/varieties to suit the market needs.

Research & Development has enhanced for potential high yielding hybrids/varieties to meet the requirement of farmers by developed innovative technologies to maintain genetic purity of Seed. The company has kept continuously R&D developing plan to screening of genetic material for major diseases like YVMV & ELCV in okra & LCV in chilly etc. In castor, pearl millet and Pulses Company is developing by screening of the breeding material to heat, salinity, drought and chilling tolerance as climate resilient crops adaptive to climatic adversities. Keeping in view of today's scenario company has also focused its upcoming hybrids which suits to high density planting in crops like cotton, castor and corn in priority based program.

In ice box segment of water melon we had developed hybrids having almost double the seeds in hybrids called " Black Berry" which required half the quantity per acre so it reduce the cost of production but still yield trial is continue for same hybrid.

AlpGiri seeds considered its high quality and service is the key success factors in developing trust among farmers. AlpGiri seed's products are design to enhance crop yield, reduce the use of more pesticides and to resist biotic and abiotic stress.

Company has also started a different R&D which can double the income of farmers as said by our honorable Prime Minister specially in terms of yield we have develop ideal plant type as double cob maize hybrids with synchronous maturity by this technology farmer get almost double yield, in same fashion company has started research in Mustard having double zero concept as erucic acid < 2% (Anti nutritional and glucosinolates <30 ppm (sulphur rich- anti nutritional) also fairly tolerant to shattering by this farmer can fetch double rate of this product and secure his income double.

Future focus:

R&D is focused to meet the requirement of farmers, market and agro industries to provide innovative technologies. Genetic enhancement of yield potential by development of elite recombinants through hybridization work continued with Bips, three ways cross and back cross breeding. Promising lines will be selected for the stability through experiments on larger area by research the company is in continuously R&D developing plan in vegetables and field crops.

In castor, pearl millet and maize there is an urgent need to develop situation specific genetic inputs to substitute local desi cultivar which remain more economical viable to farmers. For this we are evaluating of the available lines for physiologically drought tolerance efficiency. Keeping in view of today's scenario company has also focused its upcoming hybrids which suits biotic and abiotic stresses.

In vegetables for Yellow mosaic virus and Leaf curl is major problem in South Gujarat now days in Okra for this we identified and developed and got tremendous results in our multi location trial and found resistant against diseases by new hybrid "Soni". In chilli for cercospora leaf spot, dieback, PM, bacterial leaf spot and fruit rot we have screened and identified good lines and started conversion into elite lines whereas for export purpose we have already developed lines and are in testing at station and multilocations for yield and desirable traits which are tolerant to biotic and abiotic stresses.

Enrichment of diversity from various cucurbitaceae growing regions of Gujarat and surrounding states for fruit quality, diseases and drought tolerance and we have to identify, develop and evaluation of developed lines for physiologically drought tolerance efficiency.

In the present days, tomato is gaining more medicinal importance because of the antioxidant property of ascorbic acid and lycopene content. It is also an important source of beta-carotene and valued for their colour and flavour. Thus, today it is one of the important raw materials for multimillion food industries. Tomatoes are also called as “Poor man’s apple”. Tomato is consumed either fresh, cooked or processed into various products like juice, ketchup, sauce, puree, whole canned fruit and is the main constituent of ‘pizzas so traits with good shelf life which are suitable for export purpose, excellent quality and tolerant to biotic and abiotic stresses.