Research Sesame Seeds "BHAIRAV"


Bushy, Erect plant

Early maturing variety

Black colour seed

Resistance to thrips

Resistance to leaf blight



Plant habitBushy
Plant height90 cm
No. of branch2-3 branch per plant
Capsule arrangmentOpposite to altarnate
(with 1 capsule/axile)
Seed colourBlack
Stem petioleDark pigmented
1000 seed weight (g)4.5 g
Stem Erect,Quadrangular
LeafSimple,altarnate to oppiite
FlowerHairy pigmanted both
inner and outer side
Oil percentage40%
Maturity (Seed to flowering)35-37 /Early
Maturity (Seed to seed)95-105
Reaction to pestSuceptible to hairy cater piller
Resitance to Thrips
Reaction to DiseasesResistace to leaf blight
Non shattering
Photo and thermo sensitive