Research Cumin Seeds "AlpGiri 22"

Sr.No.CharacteristicsAlpGiri -22
1Plant habitBushy
2Plant height35 cm (Medium tall)
3No. of primary branches per plant7
4No. of secondary branches per plant22
5No. of seeds per Umbel6
6No. of seeds per Plant800-900
7No. of Umbel per plant60
8No. of Umbeletes  per Umbel5
91000 seed weight (g)6-7 g
10Maturity days110 days
11Foliage colourDark Green
12Oil content4.40%
13Yield potantial1300 kg per hectare
14Reaction to pest and diseasesTolerance
15Other featresBasal branching from first node
  Dark purple petals
  Tolerance to powdery mildew
  Tolerance to yellowing
  Resistance to Fusarium Wilt
  Non splitting seeds