Research Multi cut hybrid fodder Bajara Seeds "PRO-NUTRI"

1Plant height290 cm
2Days to 50% flowering65 - 67days
3No. of tiller per plant6 to 7
4Number of productive tillers3 to 4
5Stem thickness4-5 cm
6Number of nodes13 to 15
7Internode length( cm)18 cm
8Number of leaves 18
9leaf length(cm)80 cm
10Leaf width (cm)4 to 5
11Ear exsertion (cm)3 cm
12Spike length (cm)20 to  22 cm
13Spike  thickness (mm)14 to 15
141000 seed mass (g)12 g
15Other featuresShort harvest interval 
  Quick regeneration
  Earlyness for first harvest
  The built in tillering potential, High green fodder yield
  High quality factor
  Low anti nutritional factor like Oxalic acid and Nitrate