ICRISAT –Pearl Millet Scientist Field Day -3-4 Oct 2018 03 2018-Oct

Developing pearl millet varieties resistant to droughtand disease is the need of the day, say pearl millet scientists from India andabroad. During a couple of field days at ICRISAT recently, pearl milletscientists from across Brazil, India, Iran, Kenya and Niger came together toshare ideas and select genetic material for their crop breeding programs. Thescientists had the opportunity to go through about 15,000 pearl millet breedingplots, check out germplasm accessions maintained by the gene bank andpre-breeding materials, observe disease nurseries, learn about seedparent/restorer/forage/bio fortification breeding programs and interact withbreeders at ICRISAT.


AlpGiri had MOA with ICRISAT, Hyderabad for pearlmillet as well as fodder bajra with high nutrient content in it. We have tiedup with Harvest plus Programme, under this bajra having High Zinc and Ironcontent to fight against malnutrition.


Speaking about pearl millet’s status as an “underutilizedcrop”, Dr Jan Debaene, Global Head, Breeding, ICRISAT, highlighted its immensemarket potential that the private and public sector seed companies should takenote of.


Over 103 participants, including scientists andrepresentatives of private and public sector seed companies, attended the PearlMillet Scientists Field Day held during 3-4 October at ICRISAT, India,organized by Dr SK Gupta, Principal Scientist, Pearl Millet, ICRISAT, and histeam.


Our Managing Director Mr. Girishbhai Patel hadparticipated in Pearl Millet Scientist Field Day on 3rd and 4thOct 2018 at ICRISAT, Hyderabad. He had extensive interaction with Dr. Dr C TaraSatyavathi, National Coordinator, AICRP (All India Coordinated ResearchProject) on Pearl Millet and other dignitaries from all over the world.


We are developing Pearl Millet varieties in line withICRISAT. We already have 3 varieties which are doing exceptionally well inmarket.